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CPR.ANT.MUX.M4 – 4 Channel Antenna Multiplexer


ID CPR.ANT.MUX.M4 – 4 Channel Antenna Multiplexer for HF Reader Module ID CPR74. Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz. RF Power Max. 500 mW. Antenna & Reader connection 5 x U.FL. Easy control of the multiplexer outputs via CPR74 (or 2 control inputs). Active antenna port indicator for each channel. High switching speed (

CPR.ANT.MUX.M4 – 4 Channel Antenna Multiplexer2020-11-09T10:35:00+01:00

ISC.ANT100/100-U.FL-A Antenna OEM RFID HF


ID ISC.ANT100/100-U.FL-A 50 Ohm Antenna High Sensity (Q=13) for Oem HF Module with U.FL ant. connector. Dimensions: 100 x 100 mm. Antenna connector U.FL-R-SMT. Antenna Coax cable U.FL not included (option: 3540-000-00).

ISC.ANT100/100-U.FL-A Antenna OEM RFID HF2020-11-09T10:37:28+01:00
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