BluEpyc BLE Smart KeyBeacon

Fully configurable Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacon with 3 action push buttons.

BluEpyc BLE KeyBeacon brings together the ability of the BLE to automatically transmit data and user’s voluntary activities: the three buttons are designed to transmit different types of information such as location based services or voluntary events (automation, access control, help, safety at work…). Suitable to communicate different user status/needs (notify presence, emergency alerts sending, area access, etc.). IoT & Active RFID application. Real Time Location System & Indoor Positioning System (zone method).


  • Through the on/off button it is possible to switch on and off the KeyBeacon; in deep-sleep state a considerable energy saving is achieved.
  • KeyBeacon is able to manage the different advertising modes: standard BLE, Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone or custom advertising.
  • When KeyBeacon works, it transmits fully configurable watch-dog advertising; when one of the three action keys is pressed, 3 different special advertisings are transmitted (each fully configurable).
  • Protection rating suitable for outdoor use (IP 65). Replaceable battery. Battery life up to 2 years.
  • Responsive to specific application: the possibility of custom on-board applications (special firmware) allows to adapt the device to specific and custom uses.
  • Some application scenarios: vehicle & people access control (also stand alone), home & building management , safety (hospital, construction site, etc…), process automation, asset & facility management, smart city (parking, leisure & tourism, etc…)
CPU Low Power High Performance 32-bit 38.4 MHz ARM Cortex®-M4 with DSP instruction and floating-point unit for efficient signal processing, 256 kB flash program memory, 32 kB RAM data memory.
Operating frequency 2,4 GHz. IEEE Standard: 802.15.1 (Bluetooth 4.x Low Energy). Bluetooth integrated antenna.
Transmission Data Rate up to 1 Mbit/s. Transmission Power up to +8 dBm. Range: up to 80 meters in open air (depending on environment & configuration setting).
Sensitivity -90 dBm sensitivity @ 1 Mbit/s GFSK (2.4 GHz).
Transmission Security General Purpose CRC. Random Number Generator. Hardware Cryptographic Acceleration for AES 128/256, SHA-1, SHA-2 (SHA-224 and SHA-256) and ECC
Power supply Replaceable battery CR2032 3V Li (220mAh). Battery life up to 2 years (depends on environment, interval and transmission power).
Low Energy Consumption 8.7 mA RX current at 2.4 GHz.
8.2 mA TX current @ 0 dBm output power at 2.4 GHz.
63 μA/MHz in Active Mode (EM0).
2.5 μA EM2 Deep Sleep current (full RAM retention and RTCC running).

2.1 μA EM3 Stop current (State/RAM retention)
Input/Output Led bi-color (Red & Green) for status indication.
3 x push buttons for On/Off (Button 1) and special action advertising (fully configurable).
Case Colour: Dark grey RAL 7046 / Black RAL 9004.
Class Protection: IP65.
Dimensions: 56.8 (L) x 44 (W) x 14.5 (H) mm.
Temperature range Operation: -25° C up to 75° C  –  Storage: -25° C up to 85° C
Customization Operating parameters and customization through Bluetooth Low Energy GATT services (On the Air) using mobile phones (Android App), BluEpyc BLE USB dongle or BluEpyc BLE Smart Gateway.
Standard Firmware Different advertising modes: standard BLE, Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone or custom advertising.
Fully configurable watch-dog advertising. Commissioning mode.
3 Action push button fully configurable with different special advertising.
Upgradable Firmware. Possibility of custom applications on-board (on request)

The BluEpyc BLE Smart KeyBeacon firmware exposes configuration services via BLE OTA (Android App).

  • Power on/off button (Button 1): if pressed for more than 2 seconds, the status switches from deep-sleep to operational or vice versa.
  • Commissioning phase: when the KeyBeacon is switched on, it transmits a connectable advertising frame of duration, beacon interval and preset power useful for connection and customization of operating parameters (see table below); the advertising package contains, besides other information, also the version of the installed firmware.
  • Presence or Watch Dog: when the KeyBeacon works, it transmits (if enabled) advertising frames with customizable characteristics and format specified in the parameters (see table below).
  • Button 1 to 3 (Action): they can be configured to transmit advertising packages, called “Action”, with different format, timing, power and sending parameters (see table below).
Configurable parameters for advertsing packages – for both presence type ADV (Watch Dog) and Action type ADV (3 push buttons).
Parameter Options/Range
Advertising status Active or inactive
Advertising Type Standard, Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone UID/URL, Custom
Connettibile ADV Yes or Not
Frame interval From 100 ms to 18 hours (only presence type)
Frame Number From 1 to 65535
Beacon interval From 100 ms to 10000 ms (10 secs)
ADV Power From -10 dBm to +8 dBm
  • Access control (vehicle & person)
  • Home Automation & Building Management (hospitality, company etc.)
  • Process Automation & Monitoring. Maintenance
  • Safety (e.g. in hospital, construction site)
  • Asset & Facility Management: traceability, positioning, monitoring, sensor management (asset & people)
  • Smart City: transportation, ticketing, waste management, citizen service, parking
  • Tourism and Leisure: museum, exhibition, village & resort, amusement park etc.

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