BluEpyc BLE Beacon Activator

Beacon Activator generates an accurate area to wake-up the Beacons in deep sleep mode.

  • BluEpyc Beacon Activator generates an accurate “Wake-up area” (encoded LF field) of the Beacon Wake-Up. Activation area (3D bubble): 0.6-3.5 mtr. radius.
  • When the BluEpyc Beacon Wake-up enters the activation zone (accuracy 5/10 cm.), it transmits an Advertising with the code of the Beacon Activator that woke it up.
  • Special BluEpyc Beacon Wake-up (attached to person/item) usually in deep-sleep (battery life up to 4/5 years).

The new BluEpyc Beacon Activator Wake-up System is an evolutionary step aimed to improve the capability of Bluetooth in the indoor localization of people and assets.


  • Beacon Activator generates a trigger sphere of variable radius with an area identification code and high threshold accuracy.
  • It can create a gate which allows people and objects identification, including transit directions.
  • Possibility of stand-alone solutions (Advanced Edition).
  • Easy to install and configure. Only requires mains power. Protection rating suitable for outdoor use.
  • BluEpyc Beacon Activator is available in two models: Standard & Advanced Edition.
  • Responsive to specific application: the possibility of custom on-board applications (special firmware) allows to adapt the device to specific and custom uses.
  • Some application scenarios: Location Based Services, safety of warehouse operators, production management and traceability, precision access control, application in the health sector, etc…




Activator ID Identification Number of Beacon Activator (transmitted by the Beacon awakened). Range: from 0 to 4095. Default: 0
Tx Power Transmission power used by Beacon Activator to generate LF electro-magnetic field. The larger the value used, the more intense the EM field will be and consequently bigger the bubble generated. (Adjustable threshold radius: 70-350 cm.) Power Range: from 1 to 100. Default: 50
Tx Period Establish the period used to generate EM field. A period of 0 means continuous transmission of electro-magnetic field. Range: 0 to 5000 msec.
Tx Type Transmission LF electro-magnetic field active or disabled. 0 – transmission disabled 2 – transmission enabled

The parameters can be configured with a PC through a USB port or with the Android App supplied (Advanced version only).

In addition to the Standard Edition:

  • Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 module with EchoBeacon functionality (see link for details): EchoBeacon receives Beacon’s data then re-transmit the collected data to the BLE Gateway, distance up to 200 mt.
  • N. 2 on board relays (Location Based Services, access control, etc.).
  • Possibility of stand alone operation (local processing, white list, etc.) & possibility of custom firmware.
  • Adjustable parameters through BLE service & mobile APP (included): All Activator parameter, EchoBeacon ID, Reading Time, Transmission Time, Watch Dog Time, filtering parameter (adv mask & RSSI), Transmission Power (16 step), output relé.
  • On Board Beacon ID white & black list (up to 180 Beacon UID) for conditional parametric action (adv transmission & output activation), useful for stand alone application (e.g. access control, alarms, hospital safety, etc…).
  • Feature: EchoBeacon ID (2 byte); anti-collision (multi Beacons reading with buffer); read Beacons Advertising & RSSI; BLE notification; filtering on beacons mask & RSSI Level, output relé on beacon presence.

BluEpyc BLE EchoBeacon Repeater DataFlow

BluEpyc BLE DataFlow: from Beacon to Gateway through EchoBeacon Repeater

Power supply 11-26 Volt DC (not included)
Case ABS (UL 94 HB) Outdoor Case Wall & Ceiling Mount. Class Protection: IP66. Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 60 mm.
Temperature range Operation: -25° C up to 75° C  –  Storage: -25° C up to 85° C

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